Pot Growers Smoke The Environment

Growing marijuana indoors uses 1% of U.S. electricity capacity, and creates 17 million metric tons of carbon dioxide yearly as reported by Evan Mills, an energy analyst at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

In California, 400,000 growers use about 3% of the state’s electricity. “This corresponds to the electricity use of 1 million average California homes, greenhouse-gas emissions equal to 1 million average cars, and energy expenditures of $3 billion a year,” Mills says. “From the perspective of individual consumers, a single Cannabis cigarette represents 2 pounds of (carbon dioxide) emissions,” Mills adds.

NIDA Studies show smoking marijuana poses the same risks to health as cigarettes. Marijuana is at the root of many mental disorders, including acute toxic psychosis, panic attacks, flashbacks, delusions, depersonalization, hallucinations, paranoia, depression, and aggressiveness.

Is medical marijuana legal?  No. The Food and Drug Administrations has not approved the use of marijuana for medical treatment. The FDA disapproves of medical marijuana because they believe that marijuana is easy to abuse, “has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States, and has a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision.”

There is irony in this, the presumed consumers of pot are the very people who carry water for the global-warming alarmists, and the anti-cigarette lobby. Or is it just another chance for left-wingers to be hypocrites?

Pot users, growers, and drug lords want to add this menace to our cornucopia of societal ills, with all that is going on, can we afford it?