Obama's War Turns Pink

Barak Obama, who ordered airstrikes against Libya and then took his wife and girls on a sightseeing trip to South America, probably figured Gadhafi would fold quickly, and his tidy little war would end leaving behind a glowing new democracy in the middle of Muslim land.

Sorry, Barry, no cigar.

Some expected Obama would quickly close the "wars he inherited" and move toward getting reelected in 2012. But strangely, Obama has chosen to finding fun new ways to grow the debt, violate his own statements on the criteria for bringing the US into a war, and vacation hard.

The sales ploy was to turn over the Libya war to NATO, dominated by US military brass, and US allies, and pretend the he, Obama, is just a casual observer who is just as surprised by anyone that an attack on Libya was made at all.

Again, Barry, no cigar.

Voters are not so easily flamboozled these days, the internet, and alternative news sources have broken the disinformation monopoly that once roasted Bush and now excuses Obama routinely.

NATO running things has turned Obama's war into a circus, though Obama running things would likely have been little better.  NATO seems to be unable to discriminate between friendlies, and foes.  Each day, a new bunch of "freedom fighting" rebels are being killed by NATO jets along with pipeline and oil facilities seemingly fair game as well.

Libyan rebels, tired of being first bombed by Gadhafi air strikes, and now being bombed by NATO air strikes, have come up with a novel, albeit, fashion oriented idea - paint everything pink.

You read right, Libyan rebels painted the roofs of their vehicles bright pink on Friday to avoid more friendly fire casualties after a NATO airstrike they said killed five fighters. "We are painting the trucks so NATO won't hit us," said Salam Salim, a 29-year-old rebel militiaman.

This begs a couple of questions; did anyone send NATO the memo, and would Gadhafi's forces stoop to painting their trucks as well?