Mickey D's Hiring Frenzy

McDonald's is hiring 50,000 today.  Cool.  But wait...

Starting pay for kitchen, and 'crew' members is $7.80/hr.  This equates to about $15k a year, missing no days of work, and miss no bus rides, you should be working at or below the Federal Poverty Level.

Benefits?  McDonalds does provide "some job benefits along with normal income" - called a "min medical plan".  Recall,  Obamacare regulations will cause 30,000 McDonalds employees to lose insurance.  

Those pesky unintended consequences just keep cropping up. One hopes McDonald’s won’t be hearing from Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius for promoting “misinformation.”

Did I mention the obvious company benefit? Working daily, knee-deep in all the heart-clogging, gut-packing burgers and fries you can wolf down on your lunch break - oh yummy!

Cheap food, cheap jobs - definitely a change.  The episode is a reminder of Obama's jobs failure. 

Obama is driving down wages.  Obama is also making new records in poverty, debt, deficits, and regulatory strangleholds - when was the last time a president was rewarded for going backward? 

Bonus news: 2 Arrested, 3 Struck by Car During Fight at McDonald's Hiring Event...