Barney Frank Pontificates, Pugnates, and Prattles in Playboy

Playboy calls the interview “a candid conversation with the maverick congressman about America’s economic crisis, gay rights, the Middle East, and his real problem with the Republican Party.”

Aside from blistering the pages with his usual lithpee, long-winded, and vapid triflings, Frank pulls out a Gingerich giggler: “We Democrats have not lived lives sufficiently pleasing to God to have Gingrich be the Republican nominee in 2012,” Frank told Playboy.

Yikes, has Barney become a born-again? Did he turn to the light after his escapades with under-age boys, and male prostitutes? Wonder if Playboy will explore Frank's personal history, we mean his REAL history?

Frank is one of the two main characters in the Fannie Mae housing crash from 2007, dating back to at least the Clinton administration. Frank, the oft chairman of the House Banking Committee, along with the corrupt Chris Dodd, the now defunct head of the Senate Committee on Banking and Housing, engineered the full economic meltdown by blocking reform, and nailing critics of the "Affordable Housing For The Poor" charade.

Both Dodd and Frank played their power positions to the hilt, Dodd getting favored loans from Countrywide, and Frank placing his homosexual lover into an executive position at Fannie Mae along with other dastardly deeds.

Frank is an enigma who symbolizes the best example why term-limits are long overdue. Frank is a fifteen-term congressman, whose district (Massachusetts's 4th congressional district) seems paralyzed to replace him, at least not since 1980.

Frank is a left-wing ideologue from a double blue state whose political viewpoints are fully aligned with Barak Obama...a position of weakness that may soon be wholly punished in coming elections.