Wisconsin Gov. Walker Issues Layoff Notices

The epic standoff in Wisconsin over union privilege is at a tipping point as Gov. Scott Walker issued 1,500 pink slips to take effect early next month.

"I pushed it off as long as I could because I do not want to have layoffs," Walker said. But none of the 14 fugitive state Senate Democrats (fleebaggers) returned from Illinois.

Senate Republicans voted Thursday to hold the missing Democrats in contempt and disorderly conduct.  This has forced police to bring them back to the Capitol.  Once the senators do return, Fitzgerald said they could face reprimand, censure or even expulsion.

A strong theory on why this is happening now is connected to lowered property tax revenues, due to the Democrat Party Housing Crash of 2007 (Fannie Mae Affordable Housing For The Poor), and of course, the subsequent destruction of jobs in America.  Public Sector union members are not immune to the layoffs of their private sector counterparts.

The US Labor Dept. jobs report today indicates an alleged reduction in the jobless rate, this report is absent what the labor department calls the 'participation rate'.  In sort, the report does not include those that have left the workforce after their jobless benefits have expired.  The percentage of Americans not working or even trying to join the work force is at a near three-decade high, according to other reports by the US Labor Department.