Obamba Does The Samba

Obama’s Rio Trip – No Treaties, No Summits, No Diplomatic Breakthroughs.

Officially, Obama will take five days with his brood in tow to find those elusive jobs, globe-trotting to the South American capital city of sin, Rio De Janeiro. 

“In this increasingly interconnected and fiercely competitive world, our top priority as a nation has to be creating and sustaining new jobs and new opportunities for our people,” Obama writes in an op-ed for USA TODAY.

Obama must have seen an opening in his party schedule to make time for this trip, after all one can only play so many rounds of golf in DC when snow is still on the ground.

Obama has a phone on Air Force One, right? - Japan's Meltdowns, Middle East Uprisings, New Records For Jobless, Poverty, Cost Of Living, Understated Budget Deficits, Debt/Deficits, and gas prices...