Obama Ends School Testing

President Barack Obama says students should take fewer standardized tests and school performance should be measured in other ways.  Obama favored attendance, and healthy discussion of culture, minority rights, even in a science class.  Or just plain cheat.

Obama is aware that US public schools are failing, that though US public school spending is up 220% since 1990, the promised results, according to Obama and his liberal brethren,  seem to indicate that failing students, fail due to the testing, and not due to the lack of quality education.  Astounding!

The schools debate is raging, teachers and their unions blame parents, funding, and the troublesome test results.  Parents blame the teachers, tenure, and the lack of flexibility in regard to vouchers, and school choice.  Surprise, Obama owned by the unions, sides with the AFT and NEA.

The US now spends more per student than any country in the world, excepting Switzerland.  As public schools have declined, private schools have excelled, on less money, no help from government, and oddly, no teachers unions; yet the parents and students are the same.

The DC Voucher Experiment proved that, given a choice, minority students fare better than if forced to remain in Teachers Union dominated public schools.  When the results were published, the unions mounted a fierce campaign of lobbying to keep the Obama administration from extending the program, once it had expired.  Oddly, the Democratic party constituents denied were these very same DC parents; seems unions trump these minority kids, apparently.

The battle for the public schools has an unfortunate victim, the students.  Become armed with the truth, and the facts, and do your part to counter the destructive nature of Obama's attitude, and the crony AFL/CIO AFT Union he protects.

GOP Led US House reinstates DC school voucher program.