Obama Head Fakes His Health Care

This week Obama offered to let states design their own health systems, as long as they meet the overall goals of the national health care reform plan.
Obama appears obsessed with keeping the national conversation fixed on his failing Health Care programs.  Obamacare is on its way to becoming part of history's dustbin, piece by piece, the law is being whittled away.

Even Obama sees it coming.  What to do?  Head fake...sure, challenge states to "come up with a better alternative".  Sounds fun, the problem?  There are serious issues with state budgets, contrary to Obama misunderstanding his own priorities, the newly minted GOP governors are working to eliminate their red ink, much of it inherited from prior Democrat Party governors.

In short?  The governors would much rather repeal the reform law — or have it declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court — than join Mr. Obama in pretending to improve it. The vast majority are focused on their immediate need to reduce Medicaid spending to help close their budget gaps, not on fashioning alternatives for 2014.

One unintended consequence of Obama’s move on Monday may be to further confuse a US public already thoroughly flummoxed by the state of America’s health-care reform debate. Or is it unintended?