Job Openings Fall To 40-Year Record Lows

Obama is a proven failure – job creating but one category.  Barry's dream of millions of government jobs, as if solving the problem simply meant printing money and hiring minions of unneeded workers (1.4 million since he was sworn in).

Twenty months after the worst recession in decades, due entirely to the Democrats Housing Crash, job creation remains anemic.  Job openings remain 30% below their level when the downturn hit in December 2007. Gross hiring is down by 843,000 jobs.

Lost factory and construction jobs will never return, leaving those workers ill-equipped for jobs in the modern world of the 21st century.

Why?  Obama was never equipped to understand or deal with making private sector jobs.  His misguided, and destructive Keynesian economic approach did not work when FDR tried it, and of course, has not worked today.