Gen. Obama At Tobruk

The United States could not "simply stand by with empty words" while Gaddafi ... was "carrying out murders of civilians" and "threatened more," Obama insists.

Many are baffled by Obama's knee-jerk reactions; is this about human rights, is this about Lockerbie, is this about oil, is this about Gaddafi threats to his own people?  The motive and the mission are still not clear.  And since Obama didn't bother to run this thru debate or discussion in the US Congress, all we can do is guess.

If Obama is going after dictators he has a lot of work to do. Gadaffi is way down the list!  The worlds most dangerous countries -  wouldn't that be the real prize?

1. Robert Mugabe  Zimbabwe
2. Omar al-Bashir  Sudan
3. Kim Jong-Il   North Korea
4. Than Shwe   Myanmar
5. King Abdullah  Saudi Arabia
6. Hu Jintao    China
8. Isayas Afewerki  Eritrea   
9. Berdymuhammedov  Turkmenistan
0. M. Gaddafi   Libya

In the end, it appears Obama is just being Obama, rambling around, vacationing, dabbling, and maybe watching too many World War II movies?.