‘Fleebagger Democrats’ Recall Effort Gains Traction

Pro–reform activists in Wisconsin are seeking to recall state Senators over Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to rein in spending and the powerful government-employee unions that have been protesting the measure for more than three weeks.

The errant Senators, now termed the ‘Fleebaggers’ due to their flight from duty are eligible for recall as they have served at least one-year, a requirement.

Republicans and Tea Party activists almost immediately started circulating petitions to unseat as many of the runaway lawmakers as possible. And they’re making progress.

Union thugs also desire to recall Gov. Walker, however, none can be mounted as he has not served a year in office.

Thus far, Walker has aptly called the bluffs of both Union and in-flight Democrats -  issuing layoff notices to 1500 state workers as promised last Friday.

Wonder who is due to pay for the $7.5 million it took to clean up the Madison Capital building after weeks of camp-outs?