Cops Hunt Derelict Democrats In Wisconsin

Senate Democrats in Wisconsin failed to show up Thursday for a vote on a "union-busting" bill that has prompted police officers to launch a dragnet for the missing lawmakers.

As thousands of anarchist teachers and public employees flood the Wisconsin capitol, police hunt Democratic senators who skipped a vote on a bill requiring union concessions to help close the state's $3.6B budget gap.

This is how they play.  Voters want this, the Democrats and Unions do not.  So?  Defy the will of the people, riot in the chamber, and play a game of chicken with the vote.  Democracy?  No.  Anarchy.

"It's kind of unbelievable that they're elected to do a job and they wouldn't show up to do it," Republican Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald

Obama has been feeding unions since he was sworn in, frankly, he needs to butt out, but lets face it, Obama was given $400 million in his 2008 campaign,  the Union mob bosses are calling in their bought guy.

Unions are facing justice nationwide now that taxpayers are fed up.  Unions are not shy about making threats against teachers, legislators, and even to Obama, whom they say they will abandon if Obama doesn't "pay up".

Unions protect the dysfunctional system, dysfunctional teachers, and threaten both parents and kids when challenged on reasonable reforms like teacher testing, tenure, and over-the-top pensions and pay.  Remember, unions destroyed entire industries in Textiles, Steel, and Auto, before they bumped onto the idea of going after the taxpayers..

We the people own the government, and we the people will fire every Union hack if need be, and reclaim our budgets and our country, if/when push comes the shove.