Home Sales Drop 12.6% In January

New U.S. single-family home sales fell more than expected in January.

The Democrats spent years creating the worst housing crash in American history.  Often referred to as the  “Fannie Mae Sub-prime Crash Of 2007″.
The frontal assault on the middle class has been grim indeed.   Fannie & Freddie have cost the taxpayers dearly, a half dozen bailouts, the current red ink for Fannie Mae here.

The culprits included Carter, Clinton, Obama, Dodd and Frank.  All garnered favors for their unique and individual participation in destroying the housing and the economy of today.

With the death of housing, comes the death of property tax revenues.  The karma setup by the Democrats over their “Affordable Housing For The Poor” has clearly backfired.  Now we see nationwide layoffs of state and local workers, primarily union workers, the very constituents that propped up the politicians Dodd and Frank, architects of the crash.

All of it naturally and inexorably leading to the eventual demise of the Democrats themselves, as the voters are slowly seeing who the black hats have been and what they have done to their middle class housing equity.

Dodd is gone.  Frank remains.  And so is the housing wasteland.