Huffpo: End White Male Vote

A leftist toad over at Huffpo wants to strip white men of their voting rights.

Student sycophant Shelley Garland self-describes as an “activist and a feminist” and says she's “working on ways to smash the patriarchy” and the “toxic white males” retrograde force in politics.

Garland insists white males are to blame for the recession of 2008, 500 years of colonialism, Brexit, and the election of President Trump.

A daunting directory of delusions.

The 2008 recession was thanks to Bill Clinton who jammed subprime lending rules into Fannie Mae.

Colonialism? How about Africans enslaved each other for thousands of years and were rounded up by Arabs and sold to the Spanish, Portuguese and Brit slave traders?  Still happening today.

Brexit and Trump of course are the direct result of millions of disaffected people from all races and creeds unseating the globalist left.

Well, given Garland looks like a white guy maybe this is more self-hate than anything else?